Our Privacy Policy

We are strongly committed to our customers' privacy. While it is illegal for a mortgage company or loan originator to disclose information about their customers that was intended to be kept confidential, it is not necessarily illegal for them to disclose contact information about potential borrowers.

For instance, many mortgage websites get people to fill out contact forms or mini apps by telling them that several lenders will call them and they'll be able to pick the best deal. The contact information is then sold to others in the mortgage industry as "mortgage leads".

Furthermore, these mortgage leads are often sold not just two or three times, but five or eight times or even more. The person who initially submitted the information then gets bombarded by calls from many different mortgage companies.

We never do this. All our customer information is kept confidential and is absolutely never sold or distributed to anyone else. If you fill out our Quick Contact Form or or our online application, you will be contacted by us and by no one else.


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Our mortgage calculator can calculate principal and interest payments, calculate total monthly payments and display an amortization report.

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Our refinance calculator can calculate whether it would save you money to refinance your existing mortgage loan (s).

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