Mortgage Loan Checklist

If you're considering purchasing or refinancing a home in the near future, it's a good idea to begin putting together the information that will be needed during the mortgage process. Getting all the information to your loan officer at the beginning of the loan process will make your loan much simpler to work with for everyone involved, and can shorten the total loan process dramatically (i.e. not just by days, but by weeks).

The checklist below lists the most common items that may be required during the mortgage process. Depending on the loan type you select and your particular situation, you may need to provide more or less information than is covered in the list below. Once you have selected a loan with one of our loan officers, they will be able to tell you exactly what information you'll need to provide.

Borrower Information (For All Borrowers)

  • Home address (s) for the previous two years

  • Social security number (s)

  • W2 tax forms for the previous two years

  • If not a W2 employee, 1040 tax forms and year-to-date profit/loss statements for the previous two years

  • Employment information for the previous two years including employer name, address and phone number

  • Income information including salary, overtime, bonuses, commissions, interest and all other sources of ongoing income

  • Liquid assets including bank name, account type, balance and source of down payment

  • Other assets including the value of stocks, bonds, life insurance, retirement funds, etc.

  • Liabilities including creditor names and outstanding balances for all debts including car loans, student loans, alimony, child support, co-signed loans, credit union loans and other liabilities

  • Real estate owned including property address, current value, all outstanding liens, rental income, mortgage payments, taxes, insurance and maintenance dues

Property Information

  • Purchase contract (for purchase loans)

  • For planned unit developments (PUDs), condominiums or co-ops:

    • Name of development or project

    • Phone number of the homeowner's association (if applicable)

  • For new construction:

    • Year land/lot was purchased

    • Original cost of land/lot

    • Amount of all liens

    • Estimated cost of construction

  • For refinance loans:

    • Year property was purchased

    • Original cost of the home

    • Cost of improvements

    • Amount of all liens

    • Description of improvements


Mortgage Calculator
Our mortgage calculator can calculate principal and interest payments, calculate total monthly payments and display an amortization report.

Refinance Calculator
Our refinance calculator can calculate whether it would save you money to refinance your existing mortgage loan (s).

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