Why Arizona Mortgage Group

Arizona Mortgage Group is not just another mortgage site on the web. Our goal is to build a large referral-based business by providing our customers with the best mortgage loan experience that we possibly can.

This section explains all of the unique advantages that we offer our customers:

  1. Low mortgage rates

  2. Creative mortgage loan solutions

  3. Fast, convenient loan process

  4. Match or beat policy

  5. Exclusive privacy policy

  6. No bait-and-switching

  7. No high-pressure sales tactics

Our Advantages

1. Low mortgage rates

Arizona Mortgage Group works with a large number of lenders who specialize in different types of mortgage loans. This allows us to pick the best lender for each type of loan, and offer consistently low rates to our customers for all types of mortgage loans.

2. Creative mortgage loan solutions

Although there are thousands of loan programs available today, most loan originators and mortgage companies are only familiar with a handful. If a potential customer with a unique situation approaches one of these loan originators or mortgage companies, they will often be turned away because nobody wants to spend the time to find a loan program that fits their situation.

If you've been turned down by someone else, don't worry about it! We can help get you the mortgage loan you're looking for. We specialize in finding the perfect loan for each situation, and we can help almost anyone get a mortgage. Furthermore, if we can't get someone approved for a mortgage now, then we'll help them address whatever issues are holding them up and we'll help them get approved as soon as possible.

3. Fast, convenient loan process

Our loan process is designed to be as fast and convenient as possible. The basic steps of the process are listed below. For more detailed information on our loan process, click here.

  • First, fill out our Quick Application.

  • One of our loan originators will then call you within 1 business day, answer any questions you might have and help you select the best mortgage loan for your unique situation.

  • Once a loan has been selected, then you can fill out a 1003 mortgage loan application. The 1003 application is the standard, 4-page mortgage application.

  • Once you have completed the 1003 application, then your loan originator will collect any additional documents that are required by the selected loan program (W2's, bank statements, pay stubs, etc.) and submit the loan to processing.

  • If any issues arise while the loan is in processing, one of the processors will contact you, let you know what the issues (s) are, and help get them resolved.

  • Once the loan is through processing and ready to fund, then you can simply go to a local title company, sign the loan docs, and the funds will be available shortly afterwards.

4. Match or beat policy

There are many mortgage companies and loan originators out there today, and many people don't feel comfortable deciding on one until they've talked with several. Unlike many mortgage companies and loan originators, we don't refuse to acknowledge our competition. Rather, we encourage our customers to shop around!

Once you've found the best deal and you have a formal estimate in writing (called a Good Faith Estimate, or GFE), then contact us and fax over the GFE. As long as it's a legitimate quote, we will match and most likely beat whatever price and/or rate you've been quoted.

Note: We will not necessarily match verbal quotes. This is because verbal quotes are not binding at all, and many loan originators and mortgage companies give out unrealistically low verbal quotes to get someone in the door, then surprise them with higher rates or fees once the loan process has started.

5. Exclusive privacy policy

We are strongly committed to our customers' privacy. While it is illegal for a mortgage company or loan originator to disclose information about their customers that was intended to be kept confidential, it is not necessarily illegal for them to disclose contact information about potential borrowers.

For instance, many mortgage websites get people to fill out contact forms or mini apps by telling them that several lenders will call them and they'll be able to pick the best deal. The contact information is then sold to others in the mortgage industry as "mortgage leads". Furthermore, these mortgage leads are often sold not just two or three times, but five or eight times or even more. The person who initially submitted the information then gets bombarded by calls from many different mortgage companies.

We never do this. All our customer information is kept confidential and is absolutely never sold or distributed to anyone else. If you fill out our Quick Contact Form or our Quick Application, you will be contacted by us and by no one else.

6. No bait-and-switching

Arizona Mortgage Group does not "bait and switch": we do not give out unrealistically low rates or fees over the phone to try and entice borrowers to work with us. Instead, we collect some basic information up front, which allows us to quote accurate rates and fees based on the borrower's current credit and the current interest rates.

If something unusual does come up that will cause the figures to change significantly, then we'll let you know as soon as it happens. You'll never have to worry about sitting down to sign docs at closing and being told you need to pay large additional fees or a much higher rate than you were expecting.

7. No high-pressure sales tactics

Our loan officers act as consultants, not high-pressure sales people. We'll provide you with all the information you need to make a mortgage decision, and then let you make the decision for yourself.


Mortgage Calculator
Our mortgage calculator can calculate principal and interest payments, calculate total monthly payments and display an amortization report.

Refinance Calculator
Our refinance calculator can calculate whether it would save you money to refinance your existing mortgage loan (s).

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